October 2016

In the media

Mindfulness matters, but make no mistake: Corporations are co-opting the idea to disguise the ways they kill us

This article appeared here in Salon.com

This is a great article, but you’ll need a little bit of time (and maybe a tea or coffee). Mindfulness should be seen as an important tool in making radical, transformative change in our lives. Seeing it as a way to better tolerate inequality and injustice is no doubt an appealing proposition for many CEOs and their colleagues, but cultivating attention skills properly should make us more sensitive to these issues and more inclined to do something about them. A lot of corporate mindfulness has been developed as an “opiate for the masses” but this is a long way from its potential. It’s a few years older now, but the book review of “Mindful Work” in the link below gives a great overview of the pitfalls without my ranting .. LINK HERE.