What is Equipoise Training?

At Equipoise Training, we consider wellbeing as a skill that can be learned. Our training focuses on both personal and professional wellbeing to increase harmony adn collaboration among families, friends and colleagues. We deliver effective, evidence-based techniques known to enhance attention, resilience and empathy.

Equipoise Training uses:

  • Latest research findings from cognitive, emotional and organisational psychology.
  • Ancient techniques to develop attention, empathy and resilience from authentic contemplative traditions.
  • Clear, step-by step explanations of why these techniques work and how to practice them.
  • Ongoing consultation to personalise all training to the needs of organisations and individuals.

Learning these skills will:

  • Increase harmony in teams and relationships.
  • Combine professional workplace efficiency with personal well-being.

Why Equipoise Training?

  • Clear, concise presentation.
  • In a market flooded with grandiose claims and unclear, murky explanations, we only teach techniques that have withstood the test of both time and scientific rigour.

Durable results, enhancing particular strengths and reducing limitations of teams and individuals.

Who is Corey Jackson?

corey-jackson1Corey is completing a research masters on attention and emotion skills at the University of the Sunshine Coast where he is also a sessional staff memeber. He has a degree in Psychology and Sanskrit from Sydney University and also works as a Tibet-English translator of Buddhist practice and philosophy. As a leading trainer of the peer reviewed Cultivating Emotional Balance, he regularly runs workshops for organisations and individuals around Australia and is passionate about using ancient understanding in a modern and user-friendly context.

Recently, Corey has been working closely to support the team at Hummingbird House Children’s Hospice and training paramedic students at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Previously, he was also a tutor in Attention and Creativity at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and offered Attentive Emotional Skills training for Greenpeace Asia Pacific.

At a time when meditation is being packaged and sold en-masse, Corey is in a unique position to effectively combine contemplative and scientific approaches. His experience in the two fields makes his presentations clear and realistic, delivering authentic, well researched techniques that are simple to implement.
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